NO added sugar. NO sugar alcohols. NO "natural flavors". Seriously CLEAN ingredients.


What many people believe to be the cleanest label in the protein bar category.

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A lot of bars are packed w. sugar, THESE are loaded w. energizing adaptogens instead.


Ideal for a healthy & tasty refreshment during your afternoon slump.



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Rebecca Henson, Registered Dietitian

"I'm obsessed! Love the vegan protein. Love the adaptogens. My fave is Dark Chocolate Brownie."

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Huma Naz, Registered Dietitian

"This bar is the best of both worlds. Delicious & nutritious! Literally tastes like cinnamon rolls & snickerdoodles. Cinnamon Cookie Dough ENERGY is the BEST!"

Rachelle Robinett, Clinical Herbalist

These bars are the real deal. They contain herbs that we LOVE. My fave is BLISS. It contains reishi mushroom, which is great for peace, mind & the immune system."

0g added sugar, 150 calories, plant-based protein bars us vs. them

Because We See YOU.

On the move. Doing it all.

Isn't it time you had a snack that did it ALL too?

Try the 1st Protein Bar With a Purpose™ boosted with plant-based superfoods 🥬, adaptogens 🌱 & functional mushrooms 🍄 to nourish your body, mind & tastebuds.

NO added sugar, seriously clean ingredients & tastes like cookie dough. The ultimate trifecta!

And bars are just the beginning...

Beyond the bar:
"be bold, tenacious & resilient."

Over 5 years ago, my parents were diagnosed with rare forms of cancer. I was appalled by the sugar-laden snacks served in hospital cafeterias and vending machines, so I took to the kitchen to create something better.

When my parents passed away, I made it my mission to share these nourishing snacks with the world. That's how B.T.R. NATION was born: as a simple idea standing in front of a hospital vending machine.

taking the junk out of junk food
On a mission to end mindless snacking

Most protein bars & snacks are filled with everything but the kitchen sink. With us, you can count on only the ingredients you need, none that you don't.

We're obsessed (dare I say, perfectionists) with only using the best, real food ingredients that check all the right boxes. Registered Dietitian & Doctor-Approved so you can feel extra good about every delicious bite.


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Here at B.T.R. NATION, one of our criteria is to always keep the sugar low with no added sugar where possible. That's why all B.T.R. NATION Bars have 0g added sugar and only 2-3g total sugar from nut butters, fruits, and seeds.

The same goes with our brand new superfood cups. 0g added sugar and only 2g total sugar per cup. Each cup is naturally sweetened with dates.

Yes! All B.T.R. NATION Bars are gluten-free verified which means that they are compliant with the FDA's gluten-free labeling. In addition, to our quality assurance testing, we have cross-contamination, auditing, and inspecting protocols in place. Please note, that we do manufacture in a facility thay may also produce other products with gluten.

B.T.R. NATION Bars are boosted with functional superfoods & adaptogens to help you snack with a purpose. Superfoods are extra nutritious and packed with antioxidants. Adaptogens have been consumed for centuries to help the body balance stress and adapt to their surroundings.

Yes! We're actively in the process. One key thing to note about our ingredients is that we source the majority of our ingredients from local suppliers and farms that are not always USDA Organic Certified because the process can be very expensive and time-consuming for the farmers themselves, BUT our ingredients are pesticide free!

Plus, the cacao in our new superfood nut butter cups is sustainably and ethically sourced from regenerative family fams in Ecuador. We're so transparent, we actually have our farmer's # on speed dial!

100%! Every single batch of bars is third party tested to ensure we are exceeding ALL industry standards.

Because we don't use any additives or "natural" flavors, B.T.R. NATION Bars taste like REAL FOOD :) Our Cinnamon Cookie Dough bar tastes like a homemade snickerdoodle cookie, not like fake cinnamon flavor. Our new Banana Nut NOURISH bar tastes like freshly baked banana bread, not like artificial banana flavor.

Such a great question! Texture is so important! Each bar has a bit of a different texture because the ingredients are all so purpose-driven and unique. But for the most part, B.T.R. NATION bars have the perfect amount of chew to them. Not too chewy so they stick to your teeth like date-based bars, but not crunchy. They're soft, smooth, and resemble the texture of cookie dough!

YES! All B.T.R. NATION Bars are vegan and dairy free; 100% powered by plants.

Yes! We always recommend listening to your body first and foremost. B.T.R. NATION Bars have an excellent ratio of carbs: protein: fat, along with fiber. Some bars have upwards of 15g of fiber which is A LOT for the body to digest. Some bars have no fiber and don't keep you satiated so you're hungry 5 mins. later. We've got the perfect balance! But always listen to your body.

Because there's not a lot of research on adaptogens and functional ingredients during pregnancy, we ALWAYS recommend speaking with your medical practitioner/midwife if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.