3 Plant-Based Yogurt Bowls to Make Your Morning

3 Plant-Based Yogurt Bowls to Make Your Morning

best plant-based yogurt bowl

Here at B.T.R. Bar, we're on a mission to end mindless snacking. B.T.R. Bars make the perfect snack. But if you're looking for a quick & easy meal on the go, we like to pair our B.T.R. Bars with a delicious bowl of plant-based yogurt for extra protein & fat to keep us fueled throughout the day.

Here are 3 of our favorite plant-based yogurt pairings:

LAAVA Vanilla Coconut Yogurt + Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE Bar

creamy and paleo plant-based yogurt
This combo tastes like cookies 'n cream for breakfast! This creamy paleo yogurt is boosted with superfoods like coconuts and pili nuts. Paired with a Dark Chocolate Brownie bar packed with MCT oil, cacao, spinach, and kale, you can get your veggies in before lunch :)

Siggi's Plant-Based Vanilla & Cinnamon + Cinnamon Cookie Dough ENERGY Bar

coconut yogurt

Creamy, cinnamon-y, with hints of vanilla - chef's kiss! Enjoy this plant-based yogurt combined with a Cinnamon Cookie Dough ENERGY Bar, and now you have a full meal packed with 18g of plant protein. 

Forager Cashew Milk Plain Unsweetened Yogurt + Cherry Chocolate Chip ZEN Bar

Cashewmilk Yogurt
You know we love cashews here at B.T.R. Bar. Cashews are packed with healthy fats and high in all the vitamins and minerals your body loves & needs. Pair this unsweetened plain yogurt with our Cherry Chocolate Chip ZEN bar for a pop of tart cherry flavor.

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