The MAGIC Behind Nut Butters: Which One is Best?

The MAGIC Behind Nut Butters: Which One is Best?

Whether your goal is to build muscle, decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, increase fullness, or just enjoy delicious foods that are packed with nutritious, fueling ingredients, nut butters are a GREAT addition to your diet. 

They are low in cholesterol, and packed with monounsaturated fats & Omega 6s healthy fats. In fact, the FDA claims that “eating 1.5oz of most nuts [~2.5 tablespoons of nut butter] as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.” But that’s not all! Nut butters are also rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin E, that prevent inflammation, support the immune system, and keep skin healthy. 

But how should you know which nut butter to choose from the 100s of nearly identical jars sitting on the shelf at your local grocery store? Should all nut butters be treated the same? 

We have the answers…so keep reading to discover which creamy nut butter fits best with YOUR health desires! 


Who doesn’t LOVE peanut butter?! With the carbohydrates essential to give your body that much needed boost, and over 8g of protein per serving, the highest of any nut butter, it is PERFECT to incorporate into your pre OR post-workout snack. But beyond it’s scrumptious taste and high protein content, peanut butter is packed with minerals including copper (encourages bone health and can prevents osteoporosis), magnesium (supports muscle function), selenium (supports thyroid function) and Vitamin B (strengthens nervous system function and regulates metabolism). 

Peanut butter is also affordable, available, and can be found in many different forms. Whether you pick up a jar at your local grocery store (debate: crunchy or smooth?), devour a homemade peanut butter cookie, or munch on B.T.R NATION’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar (my personal fave!) peanut butter will have a positive impact on your health, and your taste buds will thank you!


If you’re looking for a nuttier texture and richer flavor to add to your oatmeal, toast, acai bowls, baked goods, or anything else, almond butter is perfect for you! And its earthy taste & unique texture are not its only #claimstofame. Almond butter is also extremely high in fiber, which increases satiety and promotes healthy digestion by feeding “good” gut bacteria, calcium (the most important nutrient for maintaining bone health), AND holds 40% of the daily recommendation for magnesium in just ONE serving. 

And while almond butter clearly has benefits for ALL individuals, it may be especially helpful for those suffering with heightened blood sugar or diabetes since its low glycemic index is associated with lower levels of fasting glucose and insulin. So grab your Cinnamon Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Brownie, and our Banana Nut bars to enjoy these benefits! 


Cashew butter is widely popular for its creamy, rich texture and mild flavor, which makes it perfect to incorporate into a pasta sauce, thicken a protein shake, or add a hint of nuttiness to a stir fry. These unique qualities, as well as its numerous health benefits, are the main reason we use cashew butter as the first ingredient in our bestselling Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bar!

Additionally, cashews are high in iron & copper which decreases risk of iron deficiency anemia AND are low in sugar and provide #steadyenergy [no spike & crash]. Lastly, cashews are antioxidant powerhouses, which we all know we want more of in our diets.


While your kids may be disappointed that hazelnut butter doesn’t LOOK, nor TASTE like n*tella, that is certainly for the better (and it can be paired with rich dark chocolate for a perfect treat!) PURE hazelnut butter is loaded with antioxidants which protect the body from cellular damage. Hazelnut butter is also rich in insoluble dietary fiber, which promotes healthy bowel movements, and omega 3s, an essential nutrient for a healthy heart. 

And while hazelnut butter may not be as available, you can get all the benefits of this nut from the luscious filling in our new Brownie Batter Superfood Truffle Cup! Not only is it made with organic hazelnut butter, but it is paired with rich, sustainably sourced cocoa from a regenerative family farm cooperative in Ecuador. This is certainly a combination that will have you coming back for more! 


As you can tell, we love nut butters over here. They’re the base of every bar and cup we make, and for good reason. 

But remember, not all nut butters are created equal. ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS. 

Ditch the added sugar. Nuts are delicious on their own. 

Ditch the palm oil and hydrogenated oils (psst…these offenders are found in nearly 80% of nut butters on shelf) 

Some nut butters even use preservatives like potassium sorbate (WTF) to extend the shelf life even more!

And be wary of anything that reads “spread”. Spreads are A LOT different than pure nut butters even though the labels can look almost identical. That smooth spread-like texture comes with A LOT of extra ingredients, like hidden sugars, flavorings, and more.

Long story short: we’re crazy about nuts. What about you? Which nut butter is your favorite? Let us know in the comments 🥜

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